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Cynthia Lopez

Cynthia Lopez is a certified teacher, who has a vast experience in dealing with the adolescents and their world. She is also a certified NLP Practitioner, Life Coach, and Motivational Speaker. She is an expert designing interactive workshops for adolescents, teens, and young adults where she coaches them in the visualization of their life goals and how to create a plan of action to facilitate its achievement “If it will happen, it depends on myself”. Our mission is to empower teens to fall in love with themselves, communicate more effectively, and make integrity-based decisions.

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DARE Workshops

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These workshops allow teens to discover that their personal power is not limited by their own believes about themselves and the world around them. These limitations are what prevents them from reaching their maximum potential. Do not hesitate to reserve your child's place in our DARE workshops to help him/her in his/her personal growth. Three weekends, 4 hours a day, of fun while changing the way they see themselves and the world.


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  • Cynthia has been and continues to be the best resource for my daughter. We found her towards the end of the virtual school year to help my daughter who was not doing well and improved her grade level on her final 4th-grade report card. My …More
    Jennifer Garcia
  • Tony Johnson, 24 years
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    Tony Johnson, 24 years
  • Jennifer Lee, 32 years

    I would like to recommend Cynthia López, who for two consecutive years has tutored my daughter on mathematics. She has improved very much and I have seen the results from her grades. Cynthia is very responsible and capable with her job, and  she has a great way of communicating with her students. Its because of that that I have recommended her to different parents with kids in need of a mathematics tutor, and I can safely say that they have all been satisfied with the result. I do hope that you will keep her in mind for any job that she may desire as a teacher.

    Laura Garcia Coral Gables, FL

    Jennifer Lee, 32 years


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