Youth Programs

You Lead UP delivers interactive workshops to youth aged 13-17, using small group work, hands-on activities, self-reflections, games, and group discussions.

The first of this series of workshops is Dare To Dream. It is the one where participants will become aware of their Personal Power, which is that push that leads us, human beings, to achieve everything we set out to do. They also learn to recognize and manage their emotions as they learn to change negative statements to positive ones. They understand the effects of external blockers like social media, negative role models, and peer pressure. Always the main concept is to understand that they can make it happen.

The second workshop of the series is Dare To Succeed. This is the one where participants work towards achieving their goal by using different techniques like visualization, transforming them into SMARTER goals, and finally creating Action Plans.

In Dare to Choose they experiment and learn about the decision-making process, and learn about the consequences of their behaviors.

Soon we will also offer Dare to Shape and Dare to Prosper.

These workshops are offered every 2 months on weekends.

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