Teen Life Coach Consultation

Teen Life Coach Consultation

Adolescence is one of the most challenging stages in life, it is also not understood by many. It is easy to avoid it and wait until it passes. I have been a high school teacher for the last 20 years of my life and understand how difficult it is to coexist when children reach their teenage years. Both the parents and the teenagers are probably willing to see changes in their relationship and in their lives that could allow them to understand each other better and end up growing together.
I am not a psychologist, I am a certified life coach and you are someone who wants to improve who you are by learning new tools to make it happen. I will accompany you through the process, but you make the decisions as to how to reach objectives that are defined at the beginning of the process. You and I will create the action plans for every session, and you will follow it up as an assignment until we meet again.
Every situation is different, the number of sessions might change from case to case, but in general, the minimum number of sessions will be ten (10). An evaluation to see if the objectives were achieved will be done before the process ends, we can create other goals or simply finish the process. Everything we talk about is confidential unless you are considering attempting with your or someone else's life.

These (Parents/Adolescents) sessions can be done online or in person. The first 30 minutes sessions are free and have a rate of $85/per one-hour session or $383/5 sessions. Higher discounts apply.

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