Cynthia H. Lopez

Cynthia H. Lopez

9301 SW 72 Street – Miami, Fl. 33173

Mobile: (786)380-3347


Became a High school Math Teacher 20 years ago. Since then I have dedicated myself to guiding, teaching, and supporting that section of the population that is usually forgotten.


· Over 20 years of experience teaching Mathematics.

· Highly skilled in planning effective classroom instruction.

· Ability to address Multiple Intelligences by planning to meet students’ needs.

· Encourage Critical Thinking skills.

· Ability to maintain student motivation.

· Possess genuine enthusiasm and passion for teaching.

· Good class management skills.

· Encouraging and patient.

· Provide individualized and extracurricular support for students that are struggling.

· Fluent in written and verbal Spanish and English.


Miami Sunset Senior High School, Miami, FL

Mathematics Teacher (01/2004 to Present)

Summary of Who I am:

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