Coaching for Adolescents

Adolescent Coaching is aimed at young people who are in one of the most complicated stages of their lives as human beings. It is at this stage that they make the transition from childhood to adult life. This transition can be a difficult process for them and for the parents as well. It is at this stage of life that adolescents must find themselves, adapt to a world for which they are not prepared, learn to deal with new emotions, and begin to decide their future.

The figure of the Coach can become an important tool because it tries to direct the young person to find answers to those questions and inconveniences that they may encounter during this stage of growth. It is important for parents to get involved in this process since many times the behavior of the adolescent that we want to change or redirect response to a pattern learned at home and directly from the figure of their parents. It is important to work as a team so that parents are aware of the changes that the adolescent will make and are consistent with them.

Coaching is an excellent ally. With your contributions, you help young people to grow and mature, to know and accept themselves, and to establish their own plan of action, their future, and their dreams, bringing them closer to the reality of life, with greater guarantees of success, growth, and happiness.

The benefits of hiring a coach are many. With the sessions, the adolescent will begin to be more sure of himself and his self-confidence will increase. One of the most important benefits of coaching for teenagers is that we are leading them toward a change of mentality and we are teaching them to manage their emotions. When an adolescent begins to change limiting beliefs such as I'm not capable, I can't, I don't deserve, I'm not going to make it, Life is very difficult, Everything is very complicated, I don't have a job, we get the young person to find another focus that helps them generate change and create a successful future.

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