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You Lead Up:

What is You Lead Up?

You Lead Up is a group of committed individuals that offer interactive personal growth workshops to adolescents. In these workshops, through games, music and the guidance of our experts, the teens are coached in the visualization of their life goals, and how to create a plan of action to facilitate its achievement while making choices with responsibility, and being aware of the consequences of their behavior.

What is the story of You Lead Up?

Fifteen years ago,I took a leadership workshop where I discovered that I did not love myself, that I did not recognize my value and that I had lived in depression all my life. During this leadership workshop, I finally understood the meaning of self-esteem. I managed to achieve goals that I never imagined I could achieve, like leading a group, creating from scratch and much more. I wanted time to stop to enjoy that sensation of love towards myself that I was feeling. I had never experienced something like this. It was at that moment that I thought, “If I had done these workshops when I was a teenager, how different my life would have been, how much pain it would have saved me”. A few years later I dared to write the first workshop with games and teachings directed to teenagers. My first workshop was called Dare to Dream. At that time, You Lead Up was also born as as a platform that brings together the series of workshops we have created, Mathematics tutoring (since I am also Math Teacher), Coaching for parents, for teens and for families. We also train Teens to be part of the You Lead Up family and receive continuing education to become workshop volunteers, trainers, or coaches.

Not only do I continue to give workshops, but I also associated myself with a very important person for me and my family, my cousin Diana Quilarque, who has given me enormous support. Thanks to her, the number of workshops has grown and the teaching has exceeded expectations.

The rest is history. In these last 10 years we have touched the minds and hearts of many who are out there daring to dream, to succeed, to choose, and to connect.

Cynthia Lopez
Cynthia Lopez

Cynthia Lopez 

Founder of You Lead Up. Certified Math teacher and Math tutor with twenty years of experience as a high school educator in Florida, USA. She is a certified Life Coach and Motivational Speaker. Has become an expert on the adolescent world, and has been passionately dedicated to supporting hundreds of teens and their parents to navigate life’s challenges. She is an expert in designing interactive workshops for adolescents, teens, and young adults where she coaches them in the visualization of their life goals, and how to create a plan of action to facilitate its achievement while making choices with responsibility, being aware of the consequences of their behavior.

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Our Mission

In You Lead Up, our mission is to travel with teenagers in their transformational process towards their autonomy, by inviting them to develop personal tools and resources and discover their possibilities to create, solve, grow, and lead their destinies.

Our Vision

Our vision is to grow a global community of teenagers where they can constantly learn about how to solve life situations that they may encounter, through continuous proximity with their peers, specialist reinforcement, and celebration of their achievements.

What We Know About Teens

Teens are unique individuals, someone described them as wise old souls in young bodies. They are fighters, intelligents, deep thinkers, they have a sagacious perspective on life. Their emotions are stronger. They do not use filters to tell you what they are thinking. They love with higher force than anyone. Teens hug harder, sing with more passion than anyone, dance with more impetus, and always ask for the truth.

Teens are risk takers. They could be full of insecurities and wear many masks, but we can still see their essence, the reason why we respect them and believe in them, while we become aware of their potential. They are the future of the world. Teens need to believe in themselves and understand how important their existence is. Our goal is to help them become aware of their mission, their greatness, and their worth. When Teens avoid distractions, they are able to discover the possibilities that will take them to create a better world.

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